Reminder: Have Perspective

Perspective Coffee started in late 2017 in San Francisco, California. It was never meant to be a "real business," but an escape and a way to remind ourselves to have perspective. We got our start on social media, and developed a grassroots following with organic followers for our coffee and merch. Through the organic relationships we formed, we're now providing Perspective Coffee to offices across the country. From a hobby to business, we remain rooted in our genuine passion for people and their perspectives.

Our team is dedicated to building an inclusive community that inspires people to find their passions and to live authentically. Our mission is to spread the Perspective lifestyle through good, fresh, quality coffee.

Come join us! We'd love to share a cup and hear your perspective. :)

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From Alex Lin, Perspective Coffee Founder

Thank you for visiting our page! I hope you’ll leave here with some Perspective and good vibes πŸ€™πŸΎ!

Our team is passionate about building genuine relationships and authentic communities through good coffee. We believe that sharing each other's perspectives will inspire gratitude and good vibes. Coffee to me has always been a cross-cultural, cross-socioeconomic, and cross-racially shared commodity. My goal is to share good coffee, while inspiring and encouraging the Perspective lifestyle!

I'd love to hear your Perspective. Drop a message and I'll make sure to respond :)

- Alex



My name is George Kerr. I am a landscape and portrait photographer based in Eagle River, Alaska. The sheer beauty of this region often defies description, which is why I prefer the visual medium of photography. I am constantly inspired by the vast and ever-changing Alaskan wilderness, and I often find myself hiking alone, able to contemplate the solitary landscape. Amidst by such majesty, I’m drawn by the small details of the scenery, the budding trees in spring or the vibrant magenta of fireweed bending in the wind. These timeless and ethereal scenes, frozen and reframed, form the basis of my aesthetic process. I seek to capture the drama of the natural world into moody and dreamlike pieces.

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